I Can’t Change, Even if I Tried

27 Mar

     As many of you know, yesterday Prop 8 was once again heard in the Supreme Court.  If you didn’t know this already then 1) CONGRATULATIONS! you’re now more informed than you were 5 minutes ago and 2) you might want to pay just a little more attention because this was literally everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  Aside from actual news sources, there were events on campus and it was mentioned on pretty much every single social media site you could possibly think of.  Especially tumblr…and for those of you who actually have  a tumblr account you know exactly what I’m talking about.  And my tumblr page may or may not be completely filled with reblogs on the issue.  Anyway I suppose I should actually present some form of a point with this posting, shouldn’t I? As it is probably evident at this point I am extremely passionate when it comes to social issues, and marriage equality/gay rights is one at the top of my list.  Now don’t freak out, I’m going to try very very very hard to not make this post super preachy, because I honestly could stand on my soap box all day.  In fact, I could probably set up a little home on my soap box and essentially just live there until this “issue” is no longer an issue. [side note: let the record show that it shouldn’t even be a political matter to begin with..but I digress]. 

     So yesterday as I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed for the millionth time while sitting in class, my eyes were bombarded with that little red equal sign that everyone decided to make their profile picture in support of the topic.  I then realized that these are the people I surround myself with…the people that understand my views and my passion and support the causes that I believe firmly in.  Now that is pretty freaking awesome.  I think I’m at that age where I’ve finally come into who I am and I’ve grown comfortable in my views and morals, which makes it incredibly important that the people I let into my life at least respect that.  Of course I understand that not everyone will agree with me on everything I believe, and I do think that it’s important to listen and try and understand opposing views.  However, to surround yourself with people who at least respect who you are and respect your views is incredibly beneficial.  Having them feel the same way is just the cherry on top.  I love that I can have an intelligent discussion with my mother about what’s happening around us, or that I can passionately discuss the changes that need to happen with my friends.  I love that I can know that I will be listened to when I start ranting about women’s rights and marriage equality, even if they’ve heard my soap box spiel a million times already that day.  I guess what it really comes down to is that if you want to live a certain life brimming with whatever makes you feel passionate, make damn sure you surround yourself with the people who will only encourage that. 



And since I was so good at not preaching my views to terribly much, I’m rewarding myself by encouraging you all to listen to this song.  It’s one of my favorites (and if it has to be stuck in my head, then you’re all going down with me!)



“Right now the institution of marriage feels very one-sided, and I want to live in a country where we all have equal rights.” – Charlize Theron


3 Responses to “I Can’t Change, Even if I Tried”

  1. thefroglyprince March 28, 2013 at 1:33 am #

    Still have no idea why it is such a big deal for people that same sex people not be able to marry. Who cares? It really doesn’t affect them any. Never got the “it cheapens marriage” thing.

    • cadato3 March 28, 2013 at 6:02 am #

      I completely agree 100%!

      • thefroglyprince March 28, 2013 at 6:46 pm #

        What I hate the most is when they say what is next? People marrying objects or animals? Such a dumb argument.

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